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From The Pastor's Desk

The Agony of the Cross

We can never sacrifice enough for the One who sacrificed His all for us.

Read: Isaiah 53

           As Christians, we understand the spiritual significance of Christ's sacrifice at Calvary, but it's easy to forget about the tremendous agony He endured there. The worst aspect was the separation from the Father, but the physical suffering was also horrible beyond comprehension.

           In his book Dare to Believe, Dan Baumann shares some thoughts that can deepen our gratitude for what the Savior did for us. He wrote, "We have perhaps unwisely and sometimes unconsciously glamorized the cross. Jewelry and steeples are often ornamental and attractive but carry nothing of the real crucifixion story. It was the most painful method of public death in the first century. The victim was placed on a wooden cross. Nails were driven into the hands and feet of the victim, and then the cross was lifted and jarred into the ground, tearing the flesh of the crucified and racking his body with excruciating pain. Historians remind us that even the soldiers could not get used to the horrible sight and often took strong drinks to numb their senses."

           With a fresh awareness of our Savior's physical agony, let's thank Him anew for His sacrifice at Calvary. He loved us so much that He was willing to die for us - even the painful death of the cross.

Was it for crimes that I have done? He groaned upon the tree

Amazing pity! Grace unknown! And love beyond degree!


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